Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Minutes of February 2, 2011

Haverhill Library Association
Minutes of February 7, 2011 meeting

The Monthly Meeting of the Haverhill Library Association was held at the library and called to order by Board of Trustees Chairman John Landrigan at 8:00 P.M. on February 7, 2011. Present were Trustees John Landrigan, Jane Darby, Vesta Smith & Mike Marshall and Librarians Nanci Myers & Anne Ballam.

Minutes of the January 3, 2011 monthly meeting were not available for review. Minutes of the January 17, 2011 Annual Meeting were approved.

Nanci reported that a work crew from the Grafton County Jail had been there earlier in the day and had removed old runner hardware from the stairs and applied a coat of primer to the stairs and rails. They had also repaired walls and primed the door of the bathroom. It is expected they will return tomorrow to finish the job. John reported that no work on brick stabilization has been done yet and we need to find a means of paying for that work. John has identified five or six foundations as possible sources of funding, will investigate them further and report on his findings next month.

Marcia Belyea will resume bookkeeping for the Association and was present tonight to receive information. John plans on attending the Haverhill Selectboard meeting tomorrow night to support our library’s request for increased funding. John presented the Profit and Loss Statement for January and noted it shows little activity since it is the beginning of the year. John reported that the Library’s Fidelity Fund is doing well. John included a copy of the Haverhill Library Association, Inc. Conflict of Interest Policy, required as an annual reminder by the State of New Hampshire.

Possible candidates for Board membership were discussed and efforts will continue to involve members of the community. John did send an email to former Board Members. There was agreement on creating a list of members and their terms of office.

Nanci and Anne reported on their efforts at program development and the enhancement & continuation of existing programs, especially in the case of children & youth and homeschoolers. Anne reported themes have been decided upon for the summer reading program; ‘You are here’ is the theme for teenagers and books will be ordered by March 1.

John reported that the Book Club for Writers and Winter Book Discussion Series in January went well. The next Discussion Series will cover Billy Budd on February 21.

Plans were refined for the March 12 supper, book sale and basket raffle.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 P.M.

The next monthly meeting will be 7:00 P.M. at the library on Monday, March 7, 2011.

Respectfully submitted,
Michael Marshall