Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Minutes of June 7, 2010

Haverhill Library Association

Minutes of June 7, 2010

The monthly meeting of the Haverhill Library Board was called to order by chairman John Landrigan at 7:30 PM on June 7, 2010. Present were trustees John Landrigan, Kathy Schiffman, Barbara May, Jane Darby, Kerri Harrington, Vesta Smith, and Ken Frank. Anne Ballam, librarian, was also present.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

In old business, there is a copy of Fillion's manifesto at the front desk. We have collectively decided not to answer Fillion's request for a response.

The Tasco alarm system is still acting funny. The librarians should call and make an appt. for a time when they will be at the library.

Ken will look at the trapdoor tonight. He will also walk around the library and see if there are any other pressing things that need to be fixed. He will be given a key so that he can work on repairs after hours and at his convenience.

In the librarians' report, the summer reading program, entitled “Make a Splash-Read!”, will resume in mid- June. It will conclude with another farm tour of the Conklin farm in Haverhill.

A local woman has offered her services in leading a Murder Mystery Tea at the library. Everyone thought this was a fine idea and the planning stage has begun.

Elaine Elliott, a representative from the Glencliff Nursing home, borrowed books from the library and wrote a thank you note for our fine service to the community.

Lydia Barthelow donated children's VHS tapes, Dottie Long donated $40 toward the snacks for story hour and Carolyn Dannielson has been helping with weeding and gardening in the front of the library. Thank you cards will be sent to each woman.

There is not a financial report this month. Marcia has been ill.

Overall, we are in an OK position with money right now.

We raised approximately $2200 from our annual appeal. John will construct and send out acknowledgment letters to those that gave to the library.

We have to start filing a 990 tax form.

The Spring writing workshop has ended, but some writers continue to meet on Thursday evenings at the library.

The last book discussion is on Monday, June 21st. The final book is Thomas Pynchon's, Inherent Vice.

The Author's Luncheon is still up in the air. We are looking at the end of August at the Gibson House.

The book sale will be held this September 11th. We will also be sponsoring a pig roast, with proceeds going to the library. Ken will donate the pig and cook it for us. More info and planning of this event will follow.

The Women's Fellowship is holding a strawberry festival on the 26th of June from 9AM-3PM. We have decided to have a table at the festival where we will sell books, cookbooks, bags, note cards, etc.

The Annual Report was written and submitted by the librarians recently. A copy of it was sent around as a pdf and everyone agreed that it looked great.

Lastly, we talked about having more communication with the public about the library. Some ideas that were brought up were articles in the Bridge Weekly and other local papers. Facebook was mentioned as another avenue to reach many of our patrons. There will be more discussion of this topic over email and at future meetings.

The next meeting was scheduled for July 12th, 2010.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM

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Kerri Harrington