Friday, January 18, 2013

Meeting of November 5, 2012

The meeting was called to order by president John Landrigan at 7:30 PM. Present were Jane Darby, John Landrigan, Ken Smith, Mike Marshall, and Susan Lewis, trustees and Nanci Myers and Anne Ballam librarians. The minutes of August 6, August 27 and October 10 were reviewed and approved.

Old Business 
Russ Wilcox has finished the work on the building but has not sent a bill. Ken will look at the work to make sure that it is done adequately.

It was also noticed that in the back room of the children's side that the mortar between the granite ceiling blocks is disintegrating and making dust that falls on the books. We will be getting a quote to fix the problem from Russ Wilcox.

NHPA Tour 
There was an impromptu tour while they while they were visiting Pearson Hall.

Librarians’ Report 
HHS Storage 
A storage consultant is coming in to figure out the best way to use the space in the vault room. The librarians have concerns about the amount of items that are coming over to be stored and the amount of time they will be stored. There are items in the vault room that the librarians would like time to go through before somebody moves them. A shelf along the wall in the outside room was discussed as a solution. Ken will ask for quotes from local carpenters. The historical society will be confined to the vault room.

Thanksgiving Weekend 
Both Nanci and Anne will be gone during the weekend following Thanksgiving. It was decided that as long as it was posted far enough in advance it would be okay to close the library if someone could not be found to cover.

Other Concerns 
There is a need for more shelves for the audio books on the adult side of the library.

A teacher from the Oliverian School would like to start a Young Adult Book Club and have the meetings at the library.

The Interlibrary Loan system was down for an extended time due to Hurricane Sandy. They had taken it down and were not able to bring it back up after the storm had passed.

On Halloween the library had 25 trick or treaters.

Financial Report 
There was a bequest from Lynn Bandy’s mother of $1,000.

Final payment from the town and the Mildred Page Bequest.

New Business 
2013 Draft Budget- We will put in an increase for funding from both the town and the precinct.

We need alternate funding sources.

We are paying TASCO security and are not sure if the alarm is actually working. We would like to have them come and check the system. Both Mike and Nanci should be here for that.

John will go the DC furniture sale to see if there is anything there we could use.

The holiday basket raffle will not happen as we ran out of time to get it together.

John invited a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:56PM.